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RESPEC is a sophisticated housing rehabilitation management, estimating and specification writing system that speeds up the process of producing construction work write-up reports from days to only a few hours. RESPEC facilitates project management from intake through final inspection.

Make Your Job Easier!

• Manage housing rehabilitation projects from beginning to end
• Video Tutorials are included. Let your computer teach you to use RESPEC.
• Full documentation is included
• Create Inspector Worksheets for use as checklists in the field.
• Create complete job specifications by Building, Unit, Location, Surface and Work Item.
• Produce work write-ups, estimates and other documents
• Customize all the provided reports using the built in report editor.
• Make your own custom reports using MS Access (Not Included).
• Use Fonts and Color in the specs.
• Issue Change Orders to awarded jobs
• Locate cases by Case#, Address or Owners name.
• Configure RESPEC access as appropriate to users role.
• Create electronic case files
• Include complete photo documentation

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Streamline the housing rehabilitation process with RESPEC.
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